Thursday, May 18, 2006

commencement weekend

so far, i am finding this entire experience emotional and uncomfortable. my mother is staying in my bedroom, i am stuck on the futon, and it is crowded. my grandparents and classmates really start coming in to town tomorrow ...i cant believe i committed to walking across a stage in a silly hat with all my curls sticking in every direction and my family being family.

i am not entirely sure why i am feeling embarrased either. i mean, this is a huge accomplishment that i struggled for, right, so why am i not flooded in pride?

oh, and by the way, my boss, you know, the one from the hospital (i am still an employee, even if it is only PRN (meaning they call me as i am needed for those of you who dont know what PRN is) anyhow, my boss invited me to a barbeque at her house next friday...i hadn't realized our relationship had grown that much, but it is something i am very open too. i really like her as a person, and it always made me sad that i irritated her as much as i do.

Song of the day: here comes the sun- the beatles

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