Saturday, May 13, 2006

indigo girls 2- october 1994, akron ohio, e.j. thomas hall

the cast: molly (that's me)
sally (the first of many shows for us)
luis (sally's puerto rican boyfriend)
vivian (a six foot loud-mouthed drag queen)
shanna (my on again off again best friend)

forget about the ride down to Akron listening to rush and gwar (luis drove), forget about getting lost looking for fast food, forget about the fact a few of us had
been going on a no-doze washed down with coffee high for three days, the show had some highlights.

sally and vivian met michelle malone in the lobby after her opening set. apparently, sally had fallen madly in lust with michelle during her six songs, so vivian took it upon herself to tell michelle that she had turned sally gay...michelle says "if i only had a dime". it was the start of an interesting relationship.

after the show, we did as all good groupies do, and waited out back to see the indigo girls drive off (a first for me). ms. vivian yelled to the girls "as ms. ohio city oasis 1993 (i dont know if she really was or not), i want to thank you on behalf of clevelands gay youth blahb blah blah blahabklhablh" then shanna literally threw herself on the front of the car is it tried to drive away....and i thought I was a little fan struck and nutty

Song of the day: reunion-indigo girls

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