Saturday, May 13, 2006

ohio- the struggle for healthcare is far from over

it is important to not overlook senators voinovich and dewine's yeah votes in relation to the HIMMA bill. i don't know how ohio stacks up in coverage, but i hope to find out. i intend on doing some stastics research this week, but it doesnt seem helpful to create a decrease in health insurance coverage. werent they just publising stastics that applaud the increase in numbers of americans with coverage? i can think of only two motivations for this.

first, even the name of the bill "marketplace modernization" says it all. its about who is gonna make money (and should i point out the multimillion dollars spent on pharmicological advertisements which really just encourage the consumer to mistrust what their doctor says because they would be better if they were on this pill). second, limits would need to be set on medical care, and that scares the crap out of us becasue we think we should get to live forever. the truth is, we are unwilling to discuss things we are going to need to discuss in this changing world of healthcare (such as, something like 80% of all lifetime medical costs is focused on the last six months of life...that's alot to spend just to die), and everyone wants to believe they will be the ones who get to keep their for himself and there is no all.

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