Tuesday, May 09, 2006

indigo girls 1-July 1994, nautica stage, cleveland ohio

the thing that sucked about high school for me is my difference. the first indigo girls show i went to i was accompanied by sarah, jen and heather- all blond with a mean type of bubbly demeanor. i was seventeen and F-A-T, with crazy red curls flying all over the place. they liked to talk about make-up and shopping alot. i did not.

i saw women everywhere down there by the river, my friends trying to keep me engaged, but there were wimmin everywhere! hippie chicks (mmmmmm), jock-dykes (not that i knew that term quite yet), preppies, deisels, lipsticks, just women everywhere!

suddenly i understood myself alot better...i really like women.

Song of the day: Least Complicated- Indigo Girls

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