Friday, November 09, 2007

from the full moon to the new moon

so back in september, i cycled with the full moon....ive never much payed attention to my period in relationship to the moon before, but i had a workshop in early october where we talked about our "moon time" alot, and the facilitator mentioned how all women used to cycle with the new moon- that it is a powerful time for vision

now, i know her ideas among her own community are very unpopular-she is an assortment of cultures, but mostly centers herself in her native american ancestory- she says she designates a great amount of her time to finding information on the "ancient women's way", stating that when the europeans came in and occupied, a few boys were taken into the wood and taught the old indian ways, but that nothing was passed down through women, no girls were taken away from the invaders and hidden in the woods such as some boys were, and she does her best to piece together a picture of the womens life- she believes mopst of the great visions of tribal people came through the women from their time in the womens losdge every month, that the combination of menstruation and the new moon is highly powerful

so i decided i wanted to cycle with new moon instead of the full and despite my very regular, 28 day cycle, have managed to be early for the past tweo months and today, the first day of the second to last new moon of the year, i have

here's to great and directional visions

Song of the day: send me your voice- brooke medicine eagle


HitThaFloor said...

OK, how can you change your body like that? Just by will power? Let's see if we can't channel that willpower to get rid of the MS - ok??

molly said...

smile, first, the facilitator gave a couple hints to help the body with that change....fixing the light in your room at night to try and create the illusion of new or full moon for your body, and diet can help too...besides that, our cycles are often influenced by the cycles of those around in dorms, most the girls end up cycling together after awhile...and stress can influence the cycle, so why not just a heartfelt desire to alter when it actually happnes?

as for the ms, i wish it was all in my control, but they do believe it also involves an external factor beyond genetics and emotion/stress

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