Sunday, November 11, 2007

so my mother calls me this morning, so sad! she finally had gotten tickets to see "cyrano" on broadway, and she and her friend get to the theater yesterday afternoon to.......a darkened stage, the hands had gone on strike. its going to be a rough entertainment season this holiday, and it will involve loss for most us folks (it makes me sad that episodes of real time with bill mahr are now repeat only, since its a live show there are no saved up fresh ones to be aired)....

kudos to the stagehand's union; we seem to have forgotten the importance of the power of workers united, REAL WORK FOR REAL WAGE!!.


Anonymous said...

Power to the stagehands!

One of my favorite writers has been blogging from the picket line in LA.

Here's a quote...
"At least it was 75 degrees and sunny. Protesting writers in New York are freezing their asses off. How important are our east coast brothers and sisters? Look how much smarter Fred Thompson was when the LAW & ORDER writers were putting words in his mouth." There is a great Simpsons parody there now.

It is nice to see the people who have done well and are normally competing with each other remembering their roots and uniting for the greater good.

Maybe the writers who come up with the fluff that passes for news will refuse to cross the picket line. In any case, let's hope the fat cats don't win and outsource to Bangalore and we are bombarded with Bollywood.

HitThaFloor said...

Some of the show runners (or producers) are also striking and they can get sued for not fulfilling their obligations, but most of them started off as writers. Solidarity!!!

molly said...

solidarity absolutely, and i have looked at that blog larry when you sent me the link

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