Friday, November 30, 2007

starting a group

i wanted to belong to a women's group...and i wanted it to be the way i wanted it, full of different types of people, like gestalt is, in a ".there is absolutely no reason many of us would have ever met, except we happen to be in the same training program" type of group. we had talked about the desire to ave a more regular gathering of women the weekend brooke medicine eagle was in town, but i really wanted it, so i sent out an email to the women i know that i felt comfortable trying out my facilitating skills with....

i sent an email explaining why i wanted to do this, abnd sent the link to about 30 women, thinking in the long run, the four i was closest with would be the ones to actually reply....

i have heard back positively from 14 women, and only one asked me not to keep her informed cause she just wasnt interested in it. this is overwhelming me a little, i fear my own authority

so now here i am, putting alot of energy into arranging a gathering-where, when, yada yada yada- for women that live as far eaast of me as bloomfield as far south as colombus, as far west as 26 miles, but i am grateful that there is a lake direct north (its one less thing to think about)- and totally unsure what this will be about now, getting so lost in the logistics (its too bad my friend leigh anne just moved to texas, she would love to do this part for me)

but i will just keep breathing (and doing my best not to lose my temper at the ones who feel pressureful in attempt to make it more convenient for them)... oh, and by the way, let it be known that i am aware that i have been known to be the one that mother would call this sweet justice, lol


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

You will do this.



molly said...

smile, yes, i will

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