Monday, December 03, 2007

a strange, unfinished, mildly defiant, poem

i wrote the astrologer a poem, although i didnt mention her at all,
just the knowledge she imparted,
and she wrote back that i can't help myself but to write my emotion-
the moment i was born, neptune, the king of metaphor, in his mad poetic
insanity was courting both venus and the moon (unsung poets, both)
and venus fell madly in love with neptune and swore never to speak
with the other orbs in the sky again if she could help it, a rare occasion,

and so the venus heart shines only through neptunes symbolism

i dreamt about my teacher again last night
(which is now you in the psyche)
and the dream panned a close-up on teacher (you)
and she said
"don't you get it yet?"
and i had a clear picture of why i write you poetry so often

the poetry i share with you, what i write that is inspired around you,
it comes because you use yourself,
you become the change you want to create,
and so you are not just the astrologer
but the astrology reading as well
its not really about you, the teacher-its about the internal experience,
its about change

and those poems, people connect with them
you have said numerous times
that you dont want to connect, you want to know how you affect
and there it is, you are muse, changes bring about poetry
that changes things for others- and there is nothing wrong with that
nor does it mean you are different then others in my life
and yet, i get the idea that its not what you wanted

too bad.
i will let you know how i was inspired (affected)
by what you have given me
and what you do with that is up to you

Song of the day: whistling song (dont know the title) -mike from ohio

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Anonymous said...

Thought provoking poem..Thanks for sharing it..

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