Monday, December 17, 2007

more on cultural sensitivity

they did not put up holiday decorations in the lobby of my apartment building until this past friday, which generally would please me, but they put up both christmas AND chanukkah decorations.....and that really bothers me

let me explain a little further. channukah actually ended last wednesday, so the decorations were not even put up until the holiday was OVER!! how is that cultural sensitivity-putting up channukah decorations on time would be sensitive, and i believe most jews would be fine with them being down before christmas even began, because its not about things being exactly the same, its about the acknowledgement that this country IS NOT actually based on christianity, but on freedom and if you want to acknowledge one religion, it is appropriate to acknowledge them all.....i have begun to think that cultural sensitivity is nothing but a marketing ploy, though certainly, putting up channukah decorations AFTER the holiday is not a great way to encourage consumerism in jewish culture, as the shopping has long been done

and then there is the fact that there are other winter holiday celebrations that are not represented at the wrong time, but instead not at building has a high asian population as i live very close to case weastern....and many asians are not christian, but buddhist

once upon a time, i think part of this hoiday inclusiviness was about creating curiosity in people towards other cultures, but now, its nothing but a gimmick, and i think we have become more hateful towards people that are different from us instead of interested in them as of late-

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