Sunday, December 30, 2007



she's taken to pocketing
rocks of shape and substance,
anxiety reducing, patience
enhancing, feet grounding
intuition controlling, pocket
fulls of rock, chipping, clanking
you might say uncared for,
she had stone in all her pockets-
hip, behind and chest...

he asked her in a note,
an electronica, melodious
lettering of the hearts desire-
he asked if she could be a friend,
and he clarified his innovations
concerning connection
and life-wasting, a timeless
nesting comfortably in his truth,
unafraid of her wishes

he didnt want to be careless
with her affections- and
clutching at the blue and silver
crystals bouncing against her breast, she promised
never to let him become something
profoundly unwanted
as he becomes himself.

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