Monday, December 10, 2007

risk taking

so i think the next step for me in my life is not being too attached to an outcome when i take risks

...its funny, because i wouldnt really consider myself a risk taker, hate extreme sports and even roller coasters, but this year, i took a huge risk in taking the job at beech brook and it didnt work out for me, and now i have taken a huge risk in starting a women's group....and while the outcome was not what i wanted this month (two women showed up out of the 11 who said they were going to try and make it), it is no where near the disaster beech brook was...its just a start

i have commited to running this group through september, and that is a commitment i will keep.

but one thing i am realizing, is that i had depended more on the women who are my personal friends, the ones who i have known for years, to find the space to support me, but it didnt really work that way (and i am not talking about you, alex)

so now i will look at how i support them, what important moments have i missed in their lives and for what reasons, as i definitly believe in karma....and as i have an internal locus of control (too much so at times), it is how i can best support myself through this, and maybe create a differnt outcome in the future

i give thanks for the abundance that has yet to come, i believe that i have an important intention in starting this womens group- and a first time low turn out will not keep me from trying to change the way society has tried to push women further and further from erachother and themselves

Song of the day: i am woman- helen reddy

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Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

Every step is progress. We just don't always recognize it for what it is.



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