Thursday, November 29, 2007

birth chart

even the stars know it,
that her life is meant to be
a bumpy, jerky, start-stop
motion-lurching toward
some undefined future,
and not a smooth safe-sailing
type of priveledged
design most mothers dream
up for their children.

no, no

even the stars know,
and told,
of how the cloistered
affair between venus and neptune
keeps the woman-heart secret
and the Woman alone.


HitThaFloor said...

so true, so true.

molly said...

for some reason, i thpought you would resonnate with this one....maybe its just the woman experience, eh?

Julie said...

Wow I love that poem. It sounds like my life...

....Just a friendly blogger passing by!

molly said...

welcome julie!!
and thank you for lettting me know that this piece touched you, since i am struggling with my own place in the world and trusting self, just to hear that a stranger found connection to my work without having to know me is encouraging

molly said...

a note from my astrologer, trish:

Ohhhhh--I LOVE the poem Molly! (Neptune is the planet of poetry and a birth chart that has Neptune dynamically involved with the Moon, Venus, or Mercury produces poets ... Neptune is metaphor, and an innate understanding of symbolism).

...a not from me:
all i know is that the imagery involved in an astrological reading can be very inspiring for me....i know htat at the moment i was born, the only planet Venus was in relationship with was Neptune, and usually, venus talks to many planets at once

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