Monday, November 19, 2007

gestalted अगं: the thematic experiment

ok, gotta work today and tomorrow, so i will be brief until wednesday, but this weekend we worked on building an experiment with a client to help bring clarity around a dilemma through polarity and how it keeps the client from getting what they want...i personally, am a little unclear on the difference between the thematic experiment and an awareness experiment, except that almost everything you do in a gestalt session has the flavor of an awareness experiment, its the job of the facilitator to help the client see themselves....and the thematic experience involves "fattening the figure" , which i would discribe as putting more energy into one specific aspect/person, making it as large as the room

oh, and hess, the theme in gestalt was desribesd as "distilling the essence of a dillemma", asnd the dilemma is always a polarity...very flakey, i know, but when you work with it, it makes sense, you just need to open the body to it, feel it in your bones and you gut

Song of the day: case of you- joni mitchell

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