Thursday, December 07, 2006

ankles and multiple sclerosis

so there i am, standing in my kitchen, just standing...not pacing, not dancing, just standing and suddenly, my right ankle gives out, and rolls the foot under and down on the floor i am again, in pain, and thinking "ok, something is up here!!"

this is the third time my ankle has turned like this in the past six weeks. it was the left ankle the first (and worst) time, but my right ankle rolled up at the lake about three weeks ago (kind of puts a new spin on the tumble i took out at jackie's, eh ladies?).

so i called the mellen center, a center that specializes in MS at the cleveland clinic, and i am waiting to find out if its possible that i cant feel my ankles and have just been unaware of it....and if so, what can i do to support my ankles while maintaining an active life....i did after all just start looking for work (beech brook has also called back, and i am having a phone screening this afternoon) and i dont want to have to sit down again while i figure out this ankle thing....just wanted to share

update: spoke with jennifer, my doctors new nurse, and after i was sure she understood that i was not asking for steroids, but wanting to discuss numbness (i do have a disability score on both my feet because of numbness), she gave me some common sense advice, but also said it was good i called. if this or any other issues with my feet come up, its important to document it as it can lead to a prescription for physical therapy.

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Sorriah42 said...

Good luck and heal quick.

molly said...

thank you, and theres no major injury, just alot of fear in the moment...

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