Thursday, December 07, 2006

finding an interesting blog

one thing about memories such as the ones brought up by the camp wise sing along is that it usually gets connected to other memories and drags those up to the surface right along with them

when i was living in atlanta, a received a call from a once upon a time camp wise counselor. she was never my cabin counselor, but she was my fourth favorite ever camp counselor (yes, i have a list, and its ordered, of my favorite camp people),. my fourth favorite called and said she wanted to move to atlanta, could she stay with me while she found a place.

well, i said yes, as i had been friends with her sister, and that is how stacey singer ended up sleeping on a double papazan placed in my bedroom for a little over a month.

anyhow, i introduced stacey to my friend chris mcguire, lead singer for the local atlanta band "mary fortune express", and got to know michelle malone in a different way through stacey, who had befriended her at some point in the past...stacey moved on to working for daemon records and eventually started her own band...thats the last i heard of her...

jump to the future, there i am at the camp wise sing along with robin, and her friend rachel is there. rachel used to live four houses down from me, right next door to my friend RM, but she was quite a bit older then me and my friends, so i did not know her that well. we started talking about our connections an effort to know eachother better , and stacey came up, bringing mary fortune express to mind.

so last night, i did a yahoo search, wondering if any of the band members were active in music at this point. i did not find anything pointing in that direction, but i did come across a blog where the author was talking about this band....take a look at "tunneling" on my side bar. its an interesting journey that i have not had much of an opportunity to explore, but it approaches my music and my profession, and i think it will make others think differently...

Song of the day: non-perepetual care- mary fortune express


Sorriah42 said...

Just out of curiosity (and yes, I might and I might not want to know this or open this can of worms, but....) where do I fall on that list?? I know who's number 1. (PS - I probably won't check this blog again, so just tell me or email me.)

molly said...

your threem, behind max and jody bloomfield

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