Sunday, December 17, 2006

my overwhelmed and barriers

i was too tired to post anything yesterday, and i am not doing much better today, but topics i hope to approach over the next few weeks; field theory, embodiment, facilitator role, 'rule breaking', and ethics... we'll see what i actually get to :)

the theme of this weekend for me, i believe, has been breaking down barriers. i am finding that people who are not in the therapy/mental health fields are actually having stronger starts then me, who has all these rules instilled on what my practice can look like.

i went into the process thinking i would be focused on how i do my work, but its more focused on who i am and how to build stronger relationships, and yet i see myself missing points of contact (see gestalt cycle) because i am not approaching my partners as class mates but truly as if they were my clients, and that barrier is really in my way...but atleast i see it now.

its a painful, miraculous thing, learning about yourself and how to change...

Song of the day: them changes- band of gypsies

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