Tuesday, December 12, 2006

an employment letter and falling anxiety

Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 18:18:05 -0500
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To: gohead95@yahoo.com
Subject: Interview

I really enjoyed our interview yesterday and I hope you're interested
in our program. Our HR person is out this week so I wanted to tell you
the next step if you're interested. It would be to take the computer
test that we talked about. Just let me know and I'll email it on to
you. Again, thanks again for the interview and I look forward to hearing
from you.
- A

i feel so relieved, though i dont know why my anxiety was so high, i left the interview feeling positive, but i really do fear rejection...not that i ever change my behavior because of my fear, i just feel nausaus until i know how the other person experienced the moment.... now i feel like i have room to seriously consider the position and how i feel about what the work entails, as it is basically inhome...
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Pesha said...

This is really impressive. Usually it is the interviewee that sends a thank you letter saying how much she/he enjoyed the interview. It really sounds like you really impressed her.

Rejection has always been very hard for me too and I've never handled it very well....hum, a connection there? :-)

molly said...

hmmm, let me know about the thank you letter BEFORE the employer sends me one next time please....the anxiety has returned a little again, knowing i commited a faux pas (even if it isnt penalizing me in this instance).;..we both know i dont interview often, as i tend to get chosen quickly...as we can see.

Sorriah42 said...

I've never sent a thank you letter, but then again, I have never had an issue getting a job either. It must be my winning personality (said sarcasitcally).

Pesha said...

I didn't mean to say that anyone had to send a letter, many people don't and it isn't a problem at all. My point was that it is not very often at all that you will hear of the potential employer thanking the interviewee.

Sorry if I caused any anxiety with my comment. I don't think you commited a faux paux at all.

molly said...

i was not real upset by the anxiety, but as far as the thhank you letter is concerned, i did go to an interviewing thing at case (with my friend lawanna whose a real trip and ten times more anxious then i) and they did recommend send ing a thank you note

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