Monday, March 17, 2008

chakra sound healing

my friend dan brought a heart chakra bowl this weekend, and i fell in love with it (as did darren, jarrod, kathy m.)...i have always been a sound person, very sensitive to music...i enjoy many things that other people have called sad or depressing, but i dont find it that way, like itzak perlman or nick drake...well ok, nick was depressing in life and lyric, but in sound, i felt balanced by these things, much as i did by this video

seven minute video, one minute of sound for each chakra....the blue one was real uncomfortable for me

Song of the day: power of one- teddy pendergrass


HitThaFloor said...

I didn't mind all the colors but I did find it difficult to listen to the same sound for a minute. After the first two I had to fast forward to the next sound just to get a taste of it. I just kept thinking, is this synthesized, is it a person's voice?

molly said...

hmmm, i think it was voice played through a synthesizer...

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