Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i never have dreams about flying, but...

things are busy right now, and it seems that the busier i am, the more i dream which is hard, as there is very little time to write about it (or to write about anything else for that matter...maybe its why i dream more, since writing is a great way for me to connect with the unconcious) but i felt that i needed to write this one out to fully take in whaht i have been given so....dreaming last night:

at the airport with my mother, we were going to be on one of the larger plane (which even in the dream i knew was weird since she is afraid of flying and hasnt flown since the '80s) and there was a big ruckus around us and someone came over the loud speaker announcing that they wanted to switch us onto an express jet (which i prefer to full size planes anyhow, so i was happy) because some famous person needed more room then the express jet could provide

so there i am with mom on the plane and we keep talking while waiting to take off, she had the window and i had the aisle in the two seat wide row and i was looking towards her, and we were both leaning forward when we took off and i said "mom look, you are flying and youre ok!"

then for some reason the plane made a little circle and landed and we were both confused because it meant we had to take off again, and mom was real nervous but we went through the same little interaction as we reentered the air and smoothed out at the best altitude

when i woke up, i was thinking about the brooke medicine eagle weekend i had back in october, thought about it for the whole ride to my coffeeshop (well, thought about it until i stopped at the gas stationa cross the street from the coffeee shop, where i became irate at the cost of gas instead of curious about the dream)...anyhow, we did this fun little game that weekend where we visioned for an animal (mine was the earth worm) and then broke up into groups of four where we eached posed a dillema for the other three in our group to 'talk' with their animals and provide a possible solution or piece of advice....i dont remember my question anymore, but jackie was in my group, and i think her animal was some insect she saw in the mane of one of her horses while riding- her animal's advice to me was "you keep trying to walk, but you need to fly" the moment, i didnt know what to do with that, and said so, but here i am, 5 months later contemplating once again, what can i do with that idea

then i got to my coffee, checked my email and had an announcement that jackie was doing a gestalt body process workshop with the horses next month, and i think i will request a spot now, it appears to line up to point in that direction....its already been an interesting morning, i have to say, and i wonder where else it will go

Song of the day: wild horses- rolling stones

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