Monday, March 24, 2008


looking to move, view a third floor, one guy lives there, kind of a hippie guy aamd he is looking for a roomate. the ceiling is high, but meets in a triangle at the top, it is a lighter yellowish wood, and it is daytime out. there is a window on the eatstern side of the slanted ceiling, and it opens inward and down and the breeze is coming in, but it is also very warm due to the sunlight, and i think 'it is probably going to be too hot for me to live up here'

i know there was more, more people around, but i cant really find it in my mind, only the knowledge that there was definitly more

Song of the day: airbag- radiohead

1 comment:

HitThaFloor said...

Doesn't that elusiveness just suck.

And that picture almost describes your image perfectly!

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