Saturday, March 29, 2008

thinking of myanmar

jeff hess has taken on burma...i remember when it first started, the current uprising and subsequent crackdown by the junta, it took him a minute to become interested, but once he did, he decided to keep moving forward, despite the lack of interest that has taken over most of the country...though the amount of posts he brings forward can be overwhelming, i think he is filling an important vacuum

from have coffee will write (quoting the globe and mail

It was Hannah Arendt who wrote the " Under consitions of tyranny, it is easier to at than to think" While none would accuse Burma's Saffron Revolution of being unthinking, the sense of these words hold true. There is a time when thoughts must give way to action.

Yet, just as this notion holds truth, so does its reverse. That is is to say, with out the conditions of tyranny,, it is easier to think that to act.

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