Monday, March 03, 2008

let me go easy- indigo girls

come pleasure me again,im so tired of digging in
ive done my share i dont need to win, let me go easy
for two years my body fights, at this point it dont seem right
just to do it out of spite and keep hanging on
oh, let me go easy, wont you let me go easy, let me go right now

i see the numbers dwindling of my enemies and my friends
and still i know it never ends so im passing you this torch
fight the greed and the federals, fight the need and the toxic spills
drink from that wishing well, but may it never quench your thirst

let me go easy, let me go easy
wont you let me go easy, let me go right now

so when you get to loudenville for the tears and the fare-the-wells
for a moment stand real still and youll feel me moving on
you go ahead with your plans you wont be seeing me again
but youll feel me in the hand, the hand that holds the plow

let me go easy, let me go easy
wont you let me go easy, let me go right now

Song of the day: let me go easy- indigo girls

thank you, me, for trying to imagine what the group energy might say in order to provide comfort in this place of changing, as our time together winds down, and we acknowledge that never agian will we form quite as we are


Margaret said...

Thanks for posting this :) I LOVE them so much, have been lucky enough to see them twice (once was a very small show too) and just LOVE being there for 2 hours and singing my little heart out while everybody else is singing along. Their concerts are just magic :)

molly said...

good morning margeret
thanks for taking the time to post,
so glad you enjoyed the video, i was certainly glad to find it on you tube

i have seen the indigo girls 72 times, used to have a friend who would be the opening act for them and so we followed them around the country in the mid '90's (we were called goheads, you know, kinda like a "dead head" only not....they are definitly one of my favorite bands too

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