Monday, February 20, 2006

bill mahr: better than chocolate?

i cried when politically incorrect was taken off the air. seeing bill each evening was like chocolate after a bad day at work and i would force myself to stay up every night, no matter how early the wake up (this was afterall, prehistorically pre-tivo)

thankfully, cable forgave bill his move to network, and took his laid off ass back from tv to the world of hbo.

real time with bill mahr was like coming home again. there are so many favorites for me. new rules; the continued use of a (smaller) panel but adding other things into the format; the way they divide up the season so you dont go almost two years sans bill (ahem, the sopranos could learn from this...i dont even remember why i ever watched, now that i lost touch with all charicters)

but my absolute favorite thing about bill is that his opinion does not tow anyone's line but his own. utterly liberal in so many ways, bill always voices his differing views without unsurity. just this week, he seemed to not be very outraged by the whole spying issue, and though he did bring up how easy it is to get a warrent, he sees merit in the spying.

ok, that's it.

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