Saturday, February 04, 2006

i would blog about it, but....

so my miserable day, the one where my hands went numb (they only stayed numb for about ten days by the way), and found out my grandmother had breast cancer (it hasnt spread anywhere, which is great news), the day on which i wrecked my car (i picked up the scion yesterday, and i do like it), i also blogged on that day that my boss was making me miserable, and that i hadn't heard from jackie.

i actually heard from her that day, and became unsure if it was synchronicity in action (more on that some other time), or if she read my blog. even now, i am nervous about typing her name, but it is censoring me to think that way. a big part of who i am, how i write is to use my life to lead to political or professional points. a strange egomaniacal type of imagery maybe, but all my favorite writers lay themselves out to be flayed, and i want to be as powerful as them.

i do think, however, i maybe should have used an alias for her.

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