Friday, February 24, 2006

brain scan

i am about to have the first mri i have had in six years. this is rather abnormal for someone with ms. the woman i work with who has my same illness ends up getting an mri every six months (a little silly if you ask me, since all an mri can do is tell you how scarred your head is, not lead to any cures, but i suppose her doc wants to make sure her meds are working) but due to a combination of my doctor saying that maybe we dont really want to know what is going in this cabesa, and the fact that braces and electronic imaging dont go so well together, no new photos have been taken since september of 1999.

now the braces are gone (but i need to remember to take out the retainer), and so we will finally see how swissed my cheese really is after nine years of illness awareness (actually, my nine year anniversary is march 7).

medical stuff is unpleasant and a little frightening. i really wish i had an atavan for this, mri's are loud and cramped and take quite awhile, but i will just have to make it through without being on valium (bummer)

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