Monday, February 06, 2006


i am beginning to think that jcar is conducted on a state to state basis. i have included an example of how jcar works by adding michigan's version in this post, but also found one for illinois and florida. i did not find ohio's, but i know we have one. i dont know, it just seems to me we should be aware of this committee. they do, afterall, get to set the rules...literally



On Wednesday, the Senate adopted a package of bills (Senate Bills 877-879) that change the manner in which the Legislature oversees the drafting of Administrative Rules.

Under the compromise reached with the Engler Administration, once notified that rules were about to be promulgated, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) would have 21 days to consider the rules. If JCAR does not favor the rules, it could issue a notice of objection. Once filed, a bill would have to be introduced and passed by both the House and Senate within 21 days to stop implementation of the rules.

The Governor, however, could veto the rejection bill, leaving the two chambers seven days to muster the votes for a gubernatorial override.

Democrats accused the Republicans of rolling over and giving up its legislative authority.

Governor Engler has challenged JCAR's authority in the rule process. The challenge is currently pending before the Michigan Supreme Court.

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