Saturday, February 18, 2006

hummer birds


"Federal tax rules that took effect last month allow a credit of up to $3,150 for anyone buying a hybrid car. The credit is the same regardless of tax bracket.

However, owners of small businesses who buy a Hummer, Ford Excursion or other SUV weighing more than 3 tons get a deduction of up to $25,000 — depending on tax bracket — if they use the vehicle exclusively for work.

The benefits don't stop there. Once they subtract the $25,000 from the cost of their 3-ton SUV, small business owners can deduct the depreciation on the remaining amount. Someone who bought a $60,000 SUV, for example, can claim the remaining $35,000 over six years."

ok, does this strike anyone else as insane? they are getting free a car that will use more pertroleum then any other car- no wonder bush felt so confident in talking about alternative energy sources. afterall, what corporation would want to buy a hybrid for seven eighths of full cost when you can get a big bad meanie for nothing? (and yes, some say its worth what you save in gas, but come on...a $60,000...for FREE)

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