Wednesday, February 22, 2006

i will not change my mind

suddenly, there are a number of news articles on the web trying to say discomfort with this port issue is phobic, and that this attitude may keep out investors from the middle east. want to know what i have to say to that?


this is not about arabs or money for me, it's about war and polotics and shady governments and proven facts (which i dont feel like writing about but are available at havecoffeewillwrite i believe) and i resent being called phobic of arabs because i dont want another country, especially a country known for supporting my enemy financially, to have contol of u.s. ports. nope. and i'm not sorry at all for it either.


Anonymous said...

I've never wanted to be an Investor more in my life than I do on this posting.

molly said...


Colette said...

Why? Because I think Mr. Anonymous (or Ms.) is an idiot, Molly - that's why!

It makes absolutely no political or rational sense for us to allow people proven to be responsible for bank-rolling Al Queda have anything to do with our's just plain stupid - Americans are not being phobic, (how ridiculous), they are being rational and smart - which is more than I can say for the bimbo (and yes in G.W.'s case the word bimbo applies) running our country - never in my entire life have I seen (or heard of) such a stupid, inarticulate, just-plain-needs-to-be-taken-out-and-shot leader - I mean he has lead into this and he has no idea how to lead us out of this and I for one am frightened that such a blithering idiot is the President of these somewhat United States.

molly said...

yes, but tell me how you really feel colleen :)

Colette said...

But isn't that why you love me????

I get kind of upset because people DON'T want me to be honest - it's how I am - no apologies - I don't mean to make your blog a place where I tell people off - I can do that on my own blog thanks very much and I DO do that on my own blog (plenty) - I just feel like we've beceome a nation of people afraid to speak up/speak out (we are basically sheep and cowards) and it's how we end up getting put into these positions in the first place and how we get our rights taken I get angry (obviously) but I 'feel" my feelings it's what feelings/thoughts are about otherwise what's the point - are our voices to be muted???

I wonder at times why no one else seems to have a pulse (or strength of conviction for that matter) when it comes to issues concerning our very rights and our national security (the *real* thing not Bush's imaginary terrorist worries)...

Sorry but perhaps I will refrain from putting my 2 cents in anywhere except on the 'home court' of my blog...I certainly don't mean to offend...what can I say my passion burns pretty hot...

molly said...

i enjoy what you say. no need to apologize. i adore honesty, my comment is my surprise and delight, not a plea for you to not speak up.
...i just thought the guy was being a guy and saying, you know, if all the investors are going to be fucked.... hence he wants to be an investor. jeff sees it more politically like you though, and it just makes me think.

and promise you will always be this honest and i will promise to try and not sound sarcastic (if thats what youre hearing) because it is not what i mean

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