Sunday, February 12, 2006

working blues

my friend tonya, who just graduated with me, and i were talking about how lost and detatched we both feel since grad.

both of us are currently working good jobs and making decent money, she's salary, im hourly, and yet i know that i am very disatisfied, and i get the feeling she is too.

almost everyone who has been here before me, my mom, my shrink, my gaggle of middle aged men (no offense meant), say that this is what everyone feels like at this stage of their lives, but that does not make it any better.

i am thinking about going back to school, get a doctorate, but the deadline to apply for fall is march 15, and i am doing horribly on those practice gre's, i dont know how i could pull that all together...

Song of the day: five oclock world-the vogues


thomas said...

how to find success--maybe it is not a job molly --let your hobbies and your dreams become who you are.

molly said...

thomas, it is the middle of july, and i dont know when you left this comment, but i tried to visit your blog and it was gone.

if you ever come back here, i thank you for taking the time to say hi, and hope to hear from you again

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