Friday, July 14, 2006


i read the article about euclid being sued for vote dilution while i was in that continuing ed. as well.

if you know me, you'd know that that this is exactly the kind of thing that will set of my inspired and vocal activist, and i began to talk about the atlanta coalition and how i want to start something here like that (i wonder why i dont just try and latch on to a movement already started, then i remember my disgust with the demcratic pary right now, and how i see the need for something fresh, and not connected to a political party)i talk about the black/jewish thing or even better, diversity in general, , and how i have even come up with some cute names that also make convenient acronyms.

the next thing i know, i have three people saying they are totally in and giving me their emails, saying to keep them informed as i get it started...on the outside, i accept this, and have already sent a thank you note....but on the inside i am panicking! everytime i sit down to work on plans, my head goes blank.

i guess i could use the fact that congress voted against easing voting restrictions on southern states as an excuse to just forget it... but i wont.

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