Monday, July 24, 2006


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I HATE WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Anonymous said...

Why does the voter's rights act have to be renewed every few years are we going to be regressive and take away ppl's right to vote?

Signed meinexile

molly said...

thanks for asking meinexile (oh, and now that you know what i look like, its your turn). this is about minority voting, not everyone's voting, and it tries to guarantee that politicians cannot create district that will render the minority vote valueless (such as how can euclid ohio be 35% black, and not have enough power in any district to elect even a single black councilman), and making it illegal to use shady tactics to keep minority voters from voting (such as closing polling places early in predominantly minority districts).

the vra does not need to be renewed every few years. the current act, which was enacted in 1982, expires after twenty five years- or in 2007. what is currently occuring is this: a group of right wing conseravites wanted to eliminate what they felt were laws that kept them from getting reelected in the south, saying the south has come far enough to not be monitored under such strict regulation. first the congress voted against their motion to eliminate the act, then repassed the act this year. i am unsure if it will be up again next year at the 25 year mark or not, but i now intend to check the current bill out.

Rev. Rumble Fish said...

Thank God there are days off. ;-) Don't forget to breathe.

On a serious note, would you mind if I added you to my blog's link list?

molly said...

i am flattered! yes you can link to me.

Anonymous said...

Our perceptions are fickle in nature. You are doing wonderful work,changing the world.

molly said...

thank you, thank you, but that does not lower my stress level with supervisors and makes it so hard to get my job done when others (and others does not refer to my supervisor) dont do theri jobs...but this six dayn in a row stint is 2/3 over and i am about to be raking in over-time (time and a half!!)

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