Sunday, July 16, 2006


were going to london for my thirtieth, me and tonya!!

london is the easy part, as we have a friend working out there, its deciding where else to go within our ten days that will prove tricky. i say amsterdam-i hope to spend the actual day of my birth there, at the anne frank house most importantly, and tonya has her heart set on paris, but i am open to suggestions if anyone has any ideas on what would be most important for us to see over there in that short time

Song of the day: motion, keep me movin'- kd lang


Anonymous said...

I was browsing through your blog and saw that you are planning on
going to Europe soon. As a savy traveler myself I want to put in my
ten cents. Amsterdam is one of the cities (besides Prague) that has
made the deepest and most lasting impressions on me. Its sooo
beautiful and quiet at times yet it gets crazy and bizarre at others.
It's ladden with oldness and histori(es), such as the one of Ann
Frank, as well as progression. There is no place like it where you
can order whatver joint on the coffehouse menu with your lunch and
wander through the streets at night watching the girls sitting in the
windows trying to attract customers.... Holland in general is very
beutiful, so is Belgium. There are windmills and cows, the ocean,
little restaurants. You just want to rent a bike and go on until
you're tired. I liked Paris but its way over rated... Its overcrowded
by tourists and the eifel tower is really not that great. Did you
guys think about exploring parts of Ireland, (i have never been to
Dublin but I really would love to, maybe have a guiness with Sinead
O'Connor, that would be cool) or Scotland while being up there???

molly said...

thanks for the suggestions! i am with you, and prague does sound like it would be interesting. but tanya has her heart set on paris, whether touristy or not, so it looks like over-rated is the route.
i wish i had more then ten days...

Anonymous said...

Im tickled pink about our trip. Can u believe I am responding after almost 18 months of you gently dropping hints..... Your an amazing woman.
Lots of love and wine.

molly said...

were going to europe! were going to europe! welcome to my universe and thank you for stopping by, friend, but its only been nine months, as i only started back in october, so you can feel nine months less guilty...

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