Sunday, July 30, 2006

work revisited

on monday, my supervisor told me i needed to dress better and that they were hiring more people for prn weekday work so they could use me less, hence my horrible day.

but she also asked me in the very next breath to work three more days, so i decided to suck it up and dress better (as i should) and by the end of the week i had a report that many people had made an effort to seek my supervisor out and tell her what an appropriate hard working ethical individual i am (including a couple of the docs, and the medical director for the inpatient units, who all but fawned when i thanked him for putting in a good word for me) and i also have managed to rake in around fourteen hours of overtime (yeah for time and a half)

sometimes, i really enjoy working

Song of the day: the post-graduate, over-educated out of work blues- wally pleasant

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