Friday, July 07, 2006

voting rights act 2006

so apparently there is a rebel group in our congress, though less aggressive then any involved in an african coup, this tiny conservative cluster has been calling the VRA outdated, citing changes in the south as pointing toward a need for the change in policy.

however, if you have been reading the news coming in from the AP, an 8,000 page report that discusses the way many voters are still being disenfranchised, such as redistricting in texas (um, can we say gerrymandering), or requiring a state id or drivers license (which will affect the voting rate of poor non-white voters mostly) etc. has come out, and still these men say to nix the vra

this made me think of something i had checked out when i was living in atlanta- the atlanlta black/jewish coalition (abjc). this group was originally formed in 1982 to create awareness concerning the voting rights act, and continues to work on relationship building between these two communities. i sent an email to their leadership a couple of days ago, because i have always been interested in starting something like this around here, and i thought maybe this would be a good place to start, since i am in full agreement that the past two elections have had many instances of discrimination and maybe, maybe people are finally getting angry enough to do something about it

the abjc sent back an empty email...

link to VRA FAQ:


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

Let's hope we can chalk it up to some technologically challenged volunteer.

Your idea is a fantastic one. Don't let this minor annoyance block you.



molly said...

this wont hold me back...

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