Saturday, July 08, 2006

undefined generation

it should be simple to know what stage i am in life...late twenties, time to get married, start careers, have children.

this morning i read about a sixty two year old woman in briton who just had a baby. my mother didnt get her doctorate and start her career until i was in my early twenties (and understand i am highly proud of her and begrudge her nothing, but it is part of what i am talking about.) my generation is flailing as we leap toward the future, unable to find dependable work, appropriate healthcare, and we are moving back in with mom and dad (i recommend reading tamara draut sp?). there will be a dying social security system by the time i need help from the state.

somehow, my parents generation just doesnt want to let us take on our rightful position as we grow. erikson has been tossed out the window and life span development is left confused. and lets not forget about those younger then me, who grew up being taught to the test and having any sign of spirit medicated...

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