Sunday, July 23, 2006

the lioness at breakfast

this morning, a lost friend (lets call her lioness) made amends with me over breakfast.i have waited years for this, often unsure if i would have increased anger at her when the time came, or if understanding would overwhelm me. i realized i did not even need to hear the details to what she had to say, just her being able to speak honestly from her heart was enough to vanish stacked resentments and losses.

(the lioness's breakfast, as she would not let me photo her)
the rest of us, however were joyful, merry and in the mood to be captured:

(jeffrey and chi)

(gary and me)
sorry andy, your picture wont upload for some reason

Song of the day: peace frog-the doors


Rev. Rumble Fish said...

What a wonderful moment it must have been to let go of harbored resentment and rebuild damaged bridges.

Blessings in all things.

molly said...

it was wonderful to know that she is learning to love herself enough to take personal what i resented was her holding me responsible for the end of our relationship instead of her substance abuse

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