Tuesday, July 11, 2006

fall 2005

so i had this continuing ed. thing for the past couple days, and something in the material made me want to go back to my groups class literature,like there was something there for me to find. i found one author in common between the two experiences, and that was good, i will start my readings with gay hendricks, but even better, i went back to my class journal, and feel ready to begin looking at the poetry so here is the original collection as they were born. read it, skip it, make editing suggestions, i dont care

floored, hoisted into dis-
ability by her good intentions
perceived responsibility
a need to anticipate.

i jumped forcefully right
back into abled.
it only strengthened our connection.

i felt it in my chest, could feel
your eyes reading my words,
my accidental words unready to be processed

i experienced it in my gut, unable to digest
your non-securing response...
i like it that you look at me so much
please dont stop.

three- 10/21/05
The long Stick jabbing
straight through our natural preserve,
supported, steady Branch on one side.
Brushed up against balancing Stone,
broken Flower smiles, smiles Blood
Red and Leafy Yellow smiles. She buries Acorn
(our continual growth) in the distant
Muddy Blue Jeans, containing the moment.

Gentle Sun shining down on Stick,
she heats the inner, sticky wood,
strokes Flower and Stone and Leaves alike,
softens Mud, Branch stirs and Seed,
she pushes her roots toward the sky.

living angles
like Sign, measured-fifty
forward and aging-
an entire language in your hands
more comfortable then eyes,
not always...
only when anxiety is high.

distracted in group-11/3/05
my poem, my cluster
left alone by a tree
by the roadside.
the sound of traffic more important-
is this true?

six- 11/10/06
anxiety head
dizzy and nauseus
everytime you spoke, hands moving or hands
paused- i am having trouble!
think, lady, find meaning in things

winter leaf. some crisper,
dying fingers carried off by the wind,
all ready. naked
stick and burried root
settle into the darkness.

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