Thursday, April 05, 2007

a check-up with neurologist (finally)

swinging steroid swinging, still... it started with a twenty minute waiting room wait after the beginning of my appointment...late and late somemore, right

the nurse comes out, its a new nurse, the regular nurse -who has been an on and off nurse since '99, has apparently left for good, moved away to florida with her husband...

the new nurse, kathleen, was nice enough. she checked my walking (my left sided unbalancing act was hilarious, jumping all around to stay up right)checked my vision (which always returns to 20/20 for a couple months after steroid treatment, astigmatism be damned)

she checked strength in the arms, strength in the hands, legs feet (all fine...i could have told her that) she pointed out the physiological tremor in my right hand in the finger to nose to her finger to nose etc... i said, oh no, thats not ms, my grandpa has the same thing

she did not check my reflexes (which sucks, cause its always been my favorite part of the exam, almost tickle like) she asked a ton of person al questions, made sure i wasnt the victim of domestic violence, etc etc

then the doctor came in, very unhumorous and disheveled, she commented on my mood swinging, she commented on my impatience...we bickered a little about steroid dosing- i wanted three days of 1500 milligrams- a dose of 1500 kicks the healing straight up...she said that its practically malpractice to give that much...i said "well, ive had it three time at that dose before....i would have signed a waiver" and snorted...i dont think she'll ever give me my way again

she did make a few preventative suggestions including
1. take the steroids BEFORE you have problems situations- i do know that systematic change seems to be a vulnerable spot of mine and starting anew job that involves involvement with two new systems (beech brook and the school) is a trigger
2. get back to eating well and exercising regularly
3. become a quaker....i think that one was a joke though

all in all, just what i i just need to be patient for the next month or so and let the steroids do their work

Song of the day: allergies- paul simon


HitThaFloor said...

My teatotalling self can help a wee bit with the quakerism if you'd like and I can definitely help with the exercise - though I don't think pizza's great for the diet. However, I can do nothing 'bout the foretaking of steroids. The Shell pharmacy is strictly set on tush and tummy issues - along with the minor ear, nose and throat stuff.

HitThaFloor said...

PS- I'm a huge Norman Rockwell fan.

molly said...

smile, i love norman rockwell as well, and since i do feel a little bit regressed in this, the little girls felt appropriate...

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