Tuesday, April 24, 2007

robin's turtle

i love it that this creature now comes to you too

Song of the day: happy together- the turtles


Anonymous said...

I love that song!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sending this along and thinking about Molly and I. What a
> beautiful turtle!
> I already told Molly this, but a friend of mine just compared early
> motherhood to
> feeling like a turtle being flipped over on its back trying to get
> up... I could
> totally identify with it and almost feel like this metaphor can be
> extended to a lot of
> situations in life where change is not immeadiate and struggle
> imminent. So it means a
> lot to me that you came in touch with this wonderful animal and I
> once again feel
> natures gratitute. It remindes me and eases my staying in the moment.

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