Sunday, April 29, 2007


i have made the decision that it is time for a "sabatical", and will be pretty much putting this blog to bed for a month or so.

if i post i will be posting on sundays, so monday is the day to check and see whats up with me

i also will be checking email much less frequently

this is a strange time in my life, i feel like i am hitting a rock bottom again, having depression, and my life is way too crowded with "addictions": to electronics and junk food and misery.

i am going to withdrawl from caffiene again, eat only fresh foods, and spend most my free time outside. i am shutting the tv and computer off and opening books and hand journals

i need to get healthy, and it is a struggle right now......see you in june


Anonymous said...

I hope you get this before taking your break from the world and caring for yourself.
please know that I am happy to keep you company if you ever feel like it. I too want to
be outside a lot as the weather is taking a turn for the better...
Good luck in creating your recovery, be well! Remember those turtles struggle for a
while, a long while sometimes, but they always make it back on their feet once they
flipped over on their backs.
I feel like I will miss you somehow... there is some strange comfort in reading about you
whenever I have time to do so...

HitThaFloor said...

Just like you, and the rest of the After Enlightenment team, was so supportive of me on Saturday - and I felt REALLY supported - I am here for you, whatever you need. I will let you know when I've sent my Evite for L's birthday party, but other then that, you already know when it is. Be well.

Michael W. Brewer Jr. said...


Be well soon. I pray that you find your strength to press ever forward. Blessings with you always.

You will be missed. :'-(


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