Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ok, have to admit, i left work left back is spasming in a way that makes me need to sit in strange positions and i just was too uncomfortable sitting that way in front of the i came home.

i came home to this email from barack obama....and while i am sure everyone has heard this news already, i wnat to underscore it....

he is very much like me in raising money for what he believes...for the ms walk the last two years, i raised close to $1000 per year with hundreds of one and two dollar donations....i would end up with about 300+ donors a year this way... visit my page to sponser me this year...i intend on walking, spasming and numbness or not....anyhow

and so obama has created differnce through 100,000+ smaller donations, $10-$25 donations...and instead of the nra or corn lobby (damn that high fructose crap) having their mitts on our politicians, the People- not the rich people (democrat and republican alike- but the People- you and me-are finally having
opportunity to support something we believe in without needing to worry the tune will change once a guys in office to please the BIG DONORS who believe their money should influence the job
Dear molly,
Ten weeks ago, on an icy day in Springfield, we launched an audacious campaign to change our politics and lift our country.
Today, I have some exciting news to share about the phenomenal progress we've made. And I wanted you to hear it first.
I'm proud to tell you that, after the first quarter of the campaign, we've exceeded all of our hopes and expectations.
In less than three months, a staggering 100,000 Americans have contributed to our cause -- tens of thousands more than the number reported by any other campaign. That's on top of the hundreds of thousands who have attended rallies, started groups and shared their ideas and energy.
It's been a truly historic response -- a measure of just how hungry people are to turn the page on this era of small and destructive politics and repair our American community.
And because of that extraordinary base of support, we were able to raise an astonishing $25 million -- $23.5 million of which can be used to help us in the upcoming primary contests.
What makes this achievement even more noteworthy is that we did it without taking any money from PACs or federal lobbyists. Instead, we're counting on you; on folks across America who want to take their country back and steer us to a better course.
You've sent an unmistakable message to the political establishment in Washington about the power and seriousness of our challenge.
But for all the impressive numbers by which pundits will judge this campaign, we know that every step of our progress happens one person at a time.
One person sharing their story of why they decided to get involved in the political process, one volunteer deciding to have a conversation about the campaign with their neighbor, one donor owning a piece of this campaign for as little as $5.
I've been struck by how personal this campaign experience has been for so many of you.
You heard last week from Rashed, a veteran and father who made his first-ever donation to a political campaign because of his hopes for his daughter. This campaign is the story of hundreds of thousands of people like him -- people participating because they believe that politics can mean something again.
We've put together a small presentation about all we've accomplished together so far, and links to a few of the personal stories from people who donated to the campaign or hosted a community get-together this past weekend. You can see it here:
I want to thank you for all that you have done so far. This milestone for our campaign proves something I learned as a community organizer long ago: that together a whole lot of ordinary people can achieve something extraordinary.
And we're only just getting started.
Thank you,
Barack Obama

Song of the day: Kaloui Alik Anasse - Cheb Tarik


HitThaFloor said...

What does the other $2.5 million go toward if it doesn't go toward the primary? I heard on NPR this afternoon that the average donation was $250. I don't know much about Obama so I have no opinion of him politically - amazing money raising campaign, though, so it must mean something.

molly said...

i have clue, but all the candidates have raised money and then said however so mmuch can be used in primary...

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