Thursday, April 05, 2007

poem-excerpt from: "It Started" by Jimmy Santiago Baca

To Richard and Rex
an epicenter of originality, companionship,
pain and openness,

For some
the first time in their life writing,
for others the first time saying openly what they felt,
the first time finding something in themselves,
worthwhile, ugly and beautiful.

I think of you and me. Last night I was
thinking of you. I am your friend. I don't want you
to think otherwise.

I was thinking, when we first wrote to each other.
I remember instances, of tremendous joy
when receiving your letters,
what cells I was in,
what emotional state, under
what circumstances.
Your letters always fell like meteorites
into my lap.
You were my first friendship
engendered in this state, perhaps,
all my past life.

sometimes, its the only thing i can do, paying it forward...i just feel so powerless right now, and maybe it seems so simple, what you have given, what i have given ...
but i'm finding strength in it

Song of the day: stay human- michael franti

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