Tuesday, April 03, 2007

dragons and things

so, things have kind of taken a turn for the worse....started at work yesterday..alot of muscle cramping/spasms...in my feet, left hip, left waist and rib cage, and i can feel when things relax for a second...and then it kicks in again

so ive been up since 3 am, and i was in so much pain i figure "well, you may as well clean up some" as the apartment had entered a state of disaster over the past few weeks, and got everything done except for bedroom/laundry...

i am also planning how to stay active through all this, and will hit target around eight, buy some comfortable loose fitting frocks (forget fashion) and paper plastic eating materials to make my life more managable through this- oh, throw away litter boxes (and organic food? do i really need to be worried about purina one?)

...i believe in saving my earth, but my internal energy is top priority right now, and i will support myself any way i can

i really wish this was no longer the main focus of my life, my head space, my weblog, my heart, but its one of those times, i have to admit, this isnt like having a cold, this is a pretty serious dragon i need to face...

Song of the day: can't you see- marshall tucker band


HitThaFloor said...

and, as is always a nice reminder, you might be facing it physically alone, but you don't have to face it emotionally alone. You have friends, lots of them, who love you and care about you. We're here for you.

molly said...

smile, yes, i can sense it in the field(oh no, more gestalt talk)
glad i came to dinner

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