Monday, June 26, 2006

camera regulational

ok, so i love my new digital camera, incase you can't tell, really like taking pictures, uploading them, sharing them...

i am taking alot of pictures of wild animals, my self and my pets and things because i dont know what it is ok to post. can i post a picture of the two kids having an ant massacre at the park or could that be problematic at some point (not that anyone reads this thing, but what if...)

maybe there are no rules at all, but it seems to me that i am putting these things in public space. jeff hess told me that as long as it isnt private property, you can do what ever, and that basically only includes backyards, inside peoples private homes and (i add thi on my own) any situation where there is some expectation of confidentiality.

here's to hoping i keep getting braver and taking more liberties on this endevour

Song of the day:wooden ships- csn&y

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