Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Ok, I think it is time to throw some public humiliation into my life. I really need to address the fact that I have not gotten a full time job yet. I feel like I have been sitting in this place for too long and while I may have reason enough (as some of you know), I need to start moving on, and I am having trouble finding myself. Oh, and unless you have seen me naked, please feel free to encourage or pressure me into working.

Truth is, beyond three electronic applications for inpatient psych work and posting my resume on, I haven’t even looked for employment. I buy the paper every Sunday, but I never remember to read the jobs section and everytime I start to feel like I cant get enough work staying prn status at marymount, a nice chunk of days get dropped into my schedule, and I am back to having enough to live on, and this dreadful feeling of complacency scares me.

I am not a complacent person in general. I am the type that when I want something or I become interested in something, I just want more and then I want change and then growth and then more again (though I have to work on lowering the level my anxiety reaches with the change part). There is not much room for these things where I am in psyche, professionally or personally. Only more of the same.

i dont believe in laziness, not in the american sense, which is based on the protestant work ethic and connected to morality and sin. i think there is always a reason for an aversion to working, being tired, or depressed, even not being able to achieve the education to do work that has meaning, but i can't seem to muddle my way through what is causing lazy behavior in me

Song of the day: bang on the drum- todd rundgren

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meinexile said...

good on you- about the protestant stuff and everyone wanting you to work "to be normal" whatever that is- the less you work the more blogging and other productive things you do ( I mean personally catholic productive things).

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