Thursday, June 01, 2006

horse bitten and sometimes shy

i was bitten by a horse.

it was my mistake. i was waiting for my friend to get off her cell phone (which she was on for over half an hour), so i was just wandering along side a fence around the horse ring. one of the horses followed me. i went in the other direction and the horse followed still. i just stood there. the horse stood there. then the horse began to walk in the other direction on the inside.

i was curious if this was really a game or coincedence (i don't really speak horse), so it was my turn to follow around (it really did seem to be a game). then i was bored so i patted the horse on the head and went to walk away, but the horse nipped the hood/shoulder of my sweater and gave a gentle tug in his direction. "alright" i said "i'll play a little longer". we repeated this pattern for a little bit, following eachother, my trying to make an exit, her little tug.

the day progressed and the sun got stronger. i decided to take my sweater off, yet the game stayed the same. once again i went to walk away and once again Horse nipped at my sweater but got my arm instead.

i told everyone it was a love bite, what does a horse know of an arm from a sweater, and it didnt hurt. but it was ugly, and people seemed delighted and shocked that i had been bitten by a horse. what makes this most interesting of all, however, is how the bruise faded

it looked like a heart! that horse must really like me (blush).

Song of the day: i'd like to live in a wigwam-cat stevens


Gloria Ferris said...

It did. After all, Molly it is springtime and everyone who has ever watched horses play in a pasture observe the same game this horse played with you. Horses are very playful creatures but often in play end up hurting their playmates. I am glad that it only looked that bad and didn't hurt that bad. Horse bites can really, really hurt.

molly said...

hmm... kinda sounds like horses are like people when we are at play. thanks for stopping by, gloria, and what is your bite story?

Anonymous said...

I was about 7 or 8 years old. The family went to St. Augustine in Florida, one of the countries oldest cities. My Dad was standing taking movies(this was way before video) of my sister and myself standing next to a horse drawn carriage. I always loved horses so I started petting him. Unfortunately, he was wearing blinders and he thought I was a fly or other insect and instinctively turned his head and bit my face. All on camera! Luckily, it didn't hurt and was just another incidence in a long line of bumps, bruises, scratches and bites that continues to this day. It is great having movies of it though.

molly said...

lol...i guess this apple just doesnt fall far from your tree, mom

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