Tuesday, June 27, 2006

roseanna's garden

on sunday's i face my multiple sclerosis head on-sunday is medication day. i take avonex, a once weekly intramuscular injection and while it is something i can and have administered to myself, my friend andy usually does it right now. this week, i was joyed to find out his wife roseanna was at home and gardening and i quickly left andy to read his book on the porch to go join her. she took her time introducing me to the product of her green thumb.

the most impressive plant in the yard, for me, is the grape vine roseanna brought over from italy, where she has family and land. i love it that there is a grape vine growing on east 130th street! only the birds eat this fruit though

then she made me look at her brocolli even though cabbage makes me gag (and it was funky looking broccoli to top it off)

she showed me her pea...and when i say pea in the singular, i mean there was one little pea growing on the the thin stalk tied to her porch with twine...but it tasted really good

lastly she showed me her lettuce, and decided i needed to take some home for supper

washed the lettuce for me in the driveway, and after eating a piece fresh off the ground to quiet my protests of tire tread marks and car grease

she sent me home with a healthy dinner

Song of the day: sowing the seeds of love- tears for fears

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