Wednesday, June 07, 2006

leaping into the future

meter yourself-
save this as a draft.

suddenly out of my confused fog, i slowed myself down enough to realize that i want to be doing diversity work! you know, i couldn't figure out a word for this feeling of needing to be talking about diversity all the time-diversity (race, culture, religion, disability, preference) and how it interweaves with economics, society, gender, etc., it's always there. it always was. for awhile, i was only interested in jewish/black relationships, the decaying of, ways to rebuild an interactive community, but it just keeps growing.

diversity came up this weekend. it was interesting, and i cannot really talk about it (that darned confidentiality issue), but i can say that the word negro was used, and there was such a charge in me, trying to hold the dicotomy of my anger at the word and understanding for the different age and times.

meter yourself- breathe
always back to the breath

i am getting dizzy, trying to think where i need to head to be able to do what i am driven to do...i am really not very good at planning. maybe this is enough for today, this and to keep breathing.

Song of the day: saharan groove

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