Saturday, June 24, 2006


september 1994- just for rebellion's sake, i was only seventeen
done on john hilliard's couch with indian ink and a needle by my friend keith (aka, ms. vivian), sally got one on her hand that same evening

December, 1994- got two days before an indigo girls show right where amy ray has her tattoo- the left forearm...but i actually first saw on a camp counselor and had been planning this for years before i fell in love with the indigo girls.

March, 1997 - my diagnosis tattoo

bracelet with dreamcatcher in center, turtles on both ends, crescent moon in center of spider webbish part (my night), does not connect in the inner wrist

October 26, 1999 -my 23 birthday present to myself
located in the center of chest

hand towards heart represents openness to life, eye is the analytic eye, kudzu is what i fight and the sun rises and the sun sets.

...and in case you didnt notice, the sun is prevalent in my story

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