Tuesday, June 06, 2006

living among giants

so the first thing to be spit out of my processing machine was a discussion had during sunday's session of my workshop.

one of the facilitators told us how carl rodgers came to him for an ear while he was training with rodgers (i couldnt believe he didnt panic), and brought up the idea of full human potential, and how there is a giant in each of us, whether a Giant or a giant, it is there.

this is yet another one of those things i remember that majickal professor brought up somewhere along the line, and i just didnt get it. i think alot of that is because there is no time to fully appreciate the metaphorical interaction that i also experienced this weekend in the ways i have known her. but there i am on the last day of this thing, and i am finally putting all the pieces together.

and i realized something else....she is one of my Giants, and i panicked (am panicking, will panic?), and i fear my giant, and i think that's what she was looking at.

Song of the day: luck in my eye- kd lang

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